Tips for Maximizing Your Law Firm PPC Marketing Campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is a valuable tool for legal firms because it’s one of the few method s that allows you to track results and have full control over your expenses. If you are putting together your online marketing campaign for the year, consider the many benefits of PPC advertising. After you’ve set a budget and found a reputable PPC specialist to help you get started, there are several things you will need to do to maximize your investment.

Here are some essential tips for maximizing your law firm PPC marketing campaign:

Do the Keyword Research

This can be one of the biggest challenges when putting together your first legal PPC advertising campaign which is why it can be very beneficial to work with a PPC specialist who specializes in law firm marketing. Keyword research involves finding the specific keywords that your ideal clients are using to find the services firms like yours offer. These worlds might include locations, specific specialties, or other practice areas. It’s not always simple to just “guess” what the typical client is looking for so you will need to use some special tools to dig for these words. This is where PPC specialists can help – they have advanced tools at their disposal and can produce highly-targeted lists of keywords for your campaign.

Don’t Rely Only on Google

While Google AdWords is the most commonly-used PPC campaign provider, don’t be afraid to branch out onto other search networks and advertising channels. For example, you might have better luck advertising on Microsoft Bing search engine results pages and can take advantage of the tools and resources available through Microsoft Bing’s AdCenter. Another option is to advertise on social networks such as YouTube. You can place your ads within online videos and some of these can have a much higher impact than your typical ad that’s run on a major search engine results page.

Branch Out to Social Media

In addition to the search engines and video networks like YouTube, you might be able to run PPC ads on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Both of these social media and networking platforms offer low cost-per-click programs for advertisers and you might find you get a higher response rate with a targeted campaign on these sites than a standard search engine. Again, the biggest benefits of advertising on these platforms are that your ads can be highly targeted to a specific group and you can track your results.

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