Law Firm Marketing with Social Media – What You Should Know

Are there any benefits to creating a law firm marketing strategy with social media? Social media has taken online networking to a whole new level, making it easier than ever for businesses and customers to connect, have real-time conversations, and even go through parts of the sales process. Law firms looking for new clients or lawyers that just want to build an online presence can tap into some social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to connect with their target market. But how effective can social media be for lawyers? Is there real value in it or is it just a wasted effort?

Here’s what you should know about law firm marketing with social media:

You Have to Be Consistent

One of the keys to success with any social media campaign is consistency. If you can’t be consistent by posting frequently and timing your posts appropriately, you won’t get enough traction to justify doing this type of marketing in the first place. While all those posts may look like random updates to any casual user, there should be some strategy behind them and you’ll need to check in to each site frequently to share your posts, reply to comments, and just keep up with other fans or followers on that social media channel.

You Need Time

If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to hands-on marketing projects like social media marketing, you won’t be successful with this venture. It takes time and patience to build a sizable audience and start generating leads from any type of social media campaign. Since lawyers are offering services – not products – they need to be very mindful about what they post, how they interact “publicly” with followers and fans, and how often they actually promote their business. This does take some time and you’ll find that you really need to think about each and every update or post you share.

You Can’t Count on Leads

There really is no guarantee that you’ll generate any leads or referrals from your social media marketing efforts. Some law firms find that their efforts are just good brand-building tools and help them increase their online presence. Others just like the idea of having another channel of communication available for potential clients, contacts, or industry professionals. You can’t count on social media marketing as a steady lead generation tool. Still, the different platforms can offer other benefits.

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