Essential Keyword Rules for Your Law Firm Marketing Campaigns

Using the right keywords to attract visitors to your law firm website is one of the most important parts of any law firm marketing campaign. Whether your primary objective is to execute a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, rework your website so it ranks high on the major search engines, or to publish blog posts to attract some leads, you need to use keywords that your prospects are using during the search process. In the legal field, many of these keywords aren’t just “common sense” words. Some prospects will be using synonyms and variations of different keyword strings during their search, and you need to know what these keywords are.

Here are some of the essential keyword rules for your law firm marketing campaigns:

#1: Do your research. If you’re new to online marketing, it may be in your best interest to work with a keyword analyst or SEO specialist to do the keyword research on your behalf. These professionals use certain tools to come up with comprehensive keyword lists and can help you create a very targeted strategy. If you do the research yourself, make sure you factor in your geographic location and brainstorm the different synonyms that could be used for certain search terms.

#2: Use your keywords enough times. You need to repeat your target keywords and keyphrases a certain number of times to get some traction on the search engines. You also need to use your keywords strategically when creating your pay-per-click campaigns. While it’s important to repeat those keywords, avoid “keyword stuffing” which raises some red flags and make your content look like spam. Consider having a professional writer create content for your site and blog posts using various keywords so all of your content is easy to read and also gets ranked by the search engines.

#3: Track performance. Keep track of your best-performing pages and ads that have different keywords so you can see where you might need to tweak your campaigns. Google’s free analytics program makes it very simple to track which keywords are driving traffic to your website. Monitoring this data each week or every couple of weeks can give you a better idea of your highest-performing keywords, and the pages that are bringing you the most traffic. When you find out which keywords are working better for you, you can use those keywords on other pages, weave them into blog posts, or write your PPC ads using those words more frequently.

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