Using A/B Testing to Refine Your Law Firm Marketing Campaigns

When you’re trying to get the most out of your law firm marketing campaigns, you’ll need to do some A/B testing to determine what types of ads and strategies are really helping you get the results you want. A/B testing is a method of running a pair of very similar ads to the same audience to determine which ad is stronger. The ads must be run simultaneously in order for this test to give you accurate results and when you have these results, you can get rid of the ad that isn’t performing as well as the other one.

Here are some essential tips for using A/B testing to refine your law firm marketing campaigns:

1. Use different combinations of keywords. Broaden your reach by using different combinations of keywords and keyphrases. This can be one of the most effective ways to fine-tune your PPC ads and really generate some strong traffic and high-quality leads.
2. Improve upon keywords and keyphrases. Sometimes you have to be creative with your keywords and keyphrases. You want to create ad copy that is compelling and engaging, but you have to use certain keywords and keyphrases to even appear on the search engine results pages. Take some time to look at competitor’s ads to see how they are using a certain keyword or keyphrase in a creative way. Don’t replicate their sentences but do think along similar lines.
3. Run banner ads alongside your PPC ads. While banner ads may not be equally as effective for lead generation as PPC ads, it’s usually a good idea to run them on major sites where PPC ads may also appear. This helps with your branding efforts and also increases the chances of a click from a high-quality lead. Enlist the help of an experienced graphic designer who can create an eye-catching banner ad that complements your other online marketing campaigns.
4. Run ads at certain times of the day. This is known as “day parting” and when you’re first starting out, comparing ads that were run in the morning versus the afternoon can be a valuable part of A/B testing. Use day parting practices to refine your online marketing campaign.
5. Run highly-targeted ads. You can run ads to a specific demographic or location, and compare results when doing A/B testing as well. Focus on running very targeted ads so that you can attract only the highest quality leads with every ad

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