Law Firm Marketing Tips – Increasing Your Online Presence

One of the best things you can do when marketing your legal firm online is to work towards building an online presence. Internet marketing often provides the highest return on investment. This is true simply because all of your efforts are trackable and you can see exactly how much it costs to get a lead or referral. Many of your competitors might still be paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to build their presence through television commercials, radio ads, or at local events. Yet, you will soon discover that many law firms are generating a better response through various online marketing efforts, while also increasing their online visibility in the process.

Here are some useful law firm marketing tips that will generate leads and also increase your online presence:

1. Update your law firm website regularly. Adding new content to your website can help you build credibility and make you stand apart as an authority in your niche. Updating your website with new content regularly also keeps your website fresh in the eyes of the major search engines. You can add all types of content such as: professionally-written articles, blog posts highlighting news in your industry, or fact sheets to explain certain specialties or practices to the typical layperson.
2. Publish press releases. If you and your law firm have won a major case or you’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at a special event, make sure the world knows about it! Publishing a professional press release on the major newswires can help to generate some buzz about the event and also provides a backlink to your site. Potential clients and other interested parties will be able to find you through various news outlets online and may also perceive your firm differently than others in your area.
3. Join directories that will link to your website. A specialized directory, or niche directory, for law firms and attorneys serves as a database of reputable lawyers and contacts. These directories are often indexed high on the major search engines for local searches so there’s a good chance

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