Generate Law Firm Leads with a Blog – Best Practices and Tips

If you’ve taken a close look at the websites of lawyers in your specialty or area, you may have noticed that some have started blogging regularly. A law firm blog can be a valuable lead generation tool because you can publish engaging and interesting content that potential clients may be interested in. However, not all law firms are successful with their blogging ventures. Firms that don’t update the blog regularly, post information that their audience will genuinely be interested in, or fail to respond to comments and questions, won’t see any return on their investment. And worse, the lack of activity on the blog can turn off a potential client.

Here are some best practices and tips for generating law firm leads with your blog:

1. Take the time to research and write in-depth posts. Your readers want to read something that truly comes from your law firm – not just a generic post that they can find anywhere on the web. Take the time to put together a series of unique and interesting posts about recent cases, experiences, or your thoughts on current industry events. Whatever you choose to write about, make sure it’s something that only you could write about.
2. Keep it conversational. While your website content needs to be written in a professional tone, your blog posts need to be somewhat conversational in style. Write these posts as if you were having a conversation with a client about something that happened or as if you were explaining a case. Avoid using complex terms or “lawyer speak” whenever possible. Remember the goal here is to create engaging posts that your clients and potential clients can breeze through – as if they were reading a news story or something in a magazine. Making your blog posts sound too stuffy or using the wrong tone can turn off a lot of potential readers and clients.
3. Don’t push your services. The goal of blogging is to make a connection with the reader at a new level, not to push your services or use it primarily as a marketing tool. While some readers might be inclined to contact you for a consultation after reading your blog post, that most likely won’t be their goal at the onset. Avoid sounding like a sales pitch or randomly dropping your contact information throughout your blog post just to encourage a response. Let it happen naturally and you’ll fare much better in the world of blogging.

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